Windows XP Test

Windows XP Test


Which of the following statements is true if you open an existing file, make changes to it, and save it with a new name using the ‘Save As’ option?

a. The original file will be deleted.
b. The original file remains unchanged.
c. The changes will be saved in the original file.
d. The original file is sent to the Recycle Bin.

The new feature of Windows XP that can edit films, add sound and titles, and delete scenes is:

a. Windows Movie Maker
b. Windows Film Director

c. Movie Producer
d. Film Maker

The _____________ is a large hidden file where Windows XP finds information about all of the hardware, software, and various settings and user options.

a. Windows Registry
b. Finder

c. Preferences
d. Windows SysOps

Microsoft makes available a tool called the _____________________ for checking computers with a Windows operating system. This tool helps remove active malicious software from an already infected computer and displays a report describing the outcome in a log file named mrt.log in the %WINDIR%\debug folder.

a. Microsoft Reliability Tool
b. Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool
c. Microsoft Windows Antivirus Tool

d. Microsoft Recovery Tool

Which of the following statements about icons on the desktop is correct?

a. You can rename an icon by left-clicking the mouse button and selecting Rename.
b. You can rename an icon by right-clicking the mouse button and selecting Rename.
c. You can delete an icon by left-clicking and selecting Delete.

d. You cannot rename an icon.

What happens when you choose ClearType for your screen fonts in Windows XP?

a. Only the black and white text will be visible.
b. Only the text in primary colors will be visible.
c. The font display quality is improved.
d. The font size will automatically adjust to the screen area of the monitor.

The hard-drive utility tool in Windows XP for automatically fixing file system errors or for searching for and attempted recovery of bad sectors is:

a. CheckDisk (CHKDSK)
b. SystemCheck (SYSCHK)

c. DiskFix (DSKFX)
d. DiskScan (DSKSCN)

A common name given to the bitmapped desktop image (usually a picture) that serves as a background for the entire desktop is:

a. Wallpaper
b. Theme

c. Texture
d. Mosaic

Which Windows XP feature allows users to compare and update their offline files and folders with those on the network?

a. Synchronization Manager
b. Network Location Awareness
c. Offline Viewing
d. Credential Manager

With Windows XP, the default display resolution is 800×600 in 32-bit true color. With some computers 32-bit video tends to slow down screen redraws. How could you drop the screen depth to 16 bits instead of 32 bits in order to speed up the display in older PCs, especially laptops?

a. In the Colors control panel, set the Colors option to Medium (16 bits).
b. In the Color Management control panel, set the Color depth to Medium (16 bits).
c. In the System control panel, set the Monitor depth to 16 bits.
d. In the Display Properties dialog box, on the Settings page, set the Color quality option to Medium (16 bits).

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