Virtual Assistant Skills Test

Virtual Assistant Skills Test


_______________ provides basic information including a list of the services you intend to provide and their prices.

a. Business plan
b. Marketing plan
c. Operations plan
d. Competitive analysis

Search engines do not index some common words (such as “or”, “and”, “when”, and “in”) within the webpage. What are these common words called?

a. Barrier words
b. Non-indexable words
c. Slow words
d. Stop words

_____________ programs are advanced text editing applications that support additional formatting features to allow for more sophisticated documents.

a. Word processing
b. Spreadsheet
c. Email
d. Graphics

What is a “vlog”?

a. Video Log
b. Video Blog
c. Log of blog activity
d. New technology to aid in blogging

A _________________ is a business set up by law to act as a single person.

a. sole proprietorship
b. partnership
c. limited liability company
d. corporation

______________ is a good place for virtual assistants to advertise their services.

a. television
b. radio
c. newspaper
d. websites

Social media platforms can be used for _________________.

a. customer service
b. building authority
c. posting reviews and opinions
d. all of the above

Writing down a list of daily tasks in the order they need to be accomplished is a(n)_______________.

a. ABC prioritization
b. performing unpleasant tasks first
c. Eisenhower box
d. ordered list

The business image for an organization that caters to entertainers should be _______________.

a. fun and energetic
b. business-like and professional
c. contemporary
d. youthful and silly

Which of the following is a characteristic of social media communications?

a. it is immediate
b. can be deleted
c. can be edited
d. all of the above

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