System Analysis Test

System Analysis Test


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In which phase is the processing logic developed ?

a. Conception
b. Construction
c. Design
d. Analysis
e. Initiation

A process which has inputs but no outputs is known as a:

a. Black hole
b. Dead process
c. Null process
d. Empty process
e. White hole

SDLC stands for:

a. Systems Development Life Cycle
b. Systems Deployment Life Cycle
c. Systems Design Life Cycle
d. Systems Design Logic and Code
e. Systems Duration of Life Cycle

In a Data Dictionary, process logic is described using:

a. Flowcharts and Structured English
b. Decision Trees and Decision Tables
c. Flowcharts and Decision Trees
d. Decision Trees, Decision Tables and Structured English
e. Decision Trees, Decision Tables and Flowcharts

Which of the following should be avoided while drawing DFDs?

a. Numbering the processes
b. Labeling the processes
c. Depicting flow of control
d. Showing the external entities
e. Showing the data stores

A DFD is:

a. Generated in the Design phase
b. Generated in the Construction phase
c. The modern version of a Flow Chart
d. Not helpful in explaining the system to the end user
e. Mainly used at the system specification stage

You want to plan your project. Which tool would you use?

a. Gantt Chart
b. Structure Chart
c. Hierarchy Chart
d. Flowchart
e. Warnier Orr Diagram

Which phase of the Systems Development is concerned with determining the system feasibility?

a. Conception
b. Construction
c. Design
d. Analysis
e. Initiation

In which phase of the System Development cycle is the Project Request form generated?

a. Conception
b. Construction
c. Design
d. Analysis
e. Initiation

The document of functional specifications will be used by:

a. The Management
b. The Analysis team
c. The Design team
d. The Construction team
e. The Operators

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