Statistics Test

Statistics Test


Arranging your target population in an ordered scheme from which participants or items are chosen at regular intervals is an example of:

a. Simple random sampling
b. Systematic sampling
c. Stratified sampling

There are two ways to present categorical data. One is by way of graphs, the other is by way of _________.

a. charts
b. pie diagram
c. histograms
d. tables

The _____ is a useful tool for assessing whether the means of two groups of variable are statistically different from each other.

a. sample mean
b. T-test
c. null hypothesis
d. alternative hypothesis

When a person conducts analysis using data he or she has not collected, the source of such data is called:

a. Primary source
b. Secondary source
c. Firsthand source
d. Basic data source

Describe the relationship between the two variables in the above given scatter plot.

a. Positive
b. Negative
c. No correlation
d. Weak negative

Which of the following form(s) part of descriptive analysis?

a. Collecting raw data
b. Summarizing raw data
c. Analyzing raw data
d. All of the above

The Causal Research design is used when the ______ factor about some phenomenon or issue is being researched.

a. Why
b. How
c. What
d. When

The following are data collection methods except:

a. Surveys
b. Observation
c. Sampling
d. Designed experiments

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