Semiconductor Electronics Test

Semiconductor Electronics Test


The ideal value of the stability factor is ______________.

a. 0
b. 10
c. 1
d. 100

A 3-ohm load is coupled to a transistor amplifier through a step-down transformer. If the D.C resistance of the primary winding is 300O and the output resistance of the amplifier is 3KO, what should be the turn ratio for the transfer of maximum power?

a. Np/Ns=40
b. Np/Ns=20
c. Np/Ns=30
d. Np/Ns=10

If the A.C input to a half-wave rectifier has an R.M.S valve of 400/v2 v, the peak inverse voltage will be ______________.

a. 400 v
b. 400v2 v
c. 800v2 v
d. 800/v2 v

If in a transistor IE = 10.5mA , IC = 10mA,the value of ß will be ______________.

a. 0.2
b. 200
c. 100
d. 20

A triac can pass a portion of ______________.

a. positive half-cycle through the load
b. negative half-cycle through the load
c. both positive and negative half-cycles through the load
d. None of the above

Tuning is generally accomplished by varying ______________.

a. L(inductor)
b. C(capacitor)
c. both L and C
d. R(resistor)

A vacuum tube conducts current ______________.

a. from the cathode to the anode
b. from the anode to the cathode
c. in both the above directions
d. alternately in both directions

An A.C supply of 230v is applied to a half wave rectifier circuit through a transformer of turn ratio 10:1. Its D.C voltage output will be ______________.

a. 5v
b. 12v
c. aq346510.36v
d. 5.18v

If the input to an integrating circuit is a square wave, the output will be ______________.

a. triangular
b. rectangular
c. saw-tooth
d. spiked

An SCR is a solid state equivalent of a ______________.

a. triode
b. pentode
c. thyratron
d. diode

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