Resume Writing Skills Test

Resume Writing Skills Test


When preparing the Experience section of a resume, the candidate should ___________.

a. include every job he or she has ever had
b. exclude very brief job assignments, or group several brief jobs together
c. describe only his or her most recent job

Which of the following statements regarding objective statements is FALSE?

a. An objective statement should be user-centered and focused on the employer’s needs.
b. An objective statement should be brief and use active, punchy language.
c. An objective statement should not be too specific as it could limit the candidate’s options.
d. An objective statement should be tailored to the specific, targeted position.

Angela received an advanced degree from a university in England. She is now applying for a position at a company based in New York. How should she address this matter in the Education section of her resume?

a. She should not mention the degree because it is not recognized in the U.S.
b. She should include the degree received and indicate its U.S. equivalent.
c. She should include a paragraph explaining her academic background, number of years studied, and coursework completed.

Sarah left her job as a teacher five years ago to stay home and take care of a sickly parent. During that time, she completed a degree in veterinary science and volunteered at the local animal shelter. Which type of resume would best serve Sarah now that she is returning to the workforce?

a. Chronological
b. Functional
c. Combination

In the opening paragraph of a cover letter, the candidate should _______________.

a. mention how he or she heard about the position
b. state relevant work experience and credentials
c. request an interview
d. include the phrase “Enclosed please find my resume”
e. a and d
f. a and c

The main goal of a cover letter is to __________________.

a. demonstrate the candidate’s superiority over other candidates
b. help the candidate obtain an interview with the employer
c. demonstrate that the candidate is qualified for the position
d. summarize the candidate’s past work experience

The candidate should use the middle paragraphs, or the body, of the cover letter to _______________.

a. show why and how he is a good match for the company
b. explain in detail the information contained in his resume
c. demonstrate that he has some knowledge about the company
d. convince the employer that they will benefit from hiring the candidate
e. a, b, and d
f. a, c, and d

A curriculum vitae (CV) is different from a resume in that __________________.

a. a resume is generally one to two pages long; a CV can range from two to thirty pages, depending on the candidate’s field
b. a resume includes a brief summary of the candidate’s relevant work experience; a CV includes the candidate’s entire academic and professional history whether it’s relevant or not
c. a resume is usually targeted at a specific position, so a candidate may have several versions; a CV covers all positions, so a candidate usually needs only one version
d. All of the above

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