Physical Quantities and Units Question and Answers

The mks unit of Mechanical Equivalent of heat is

a. Joulex calorie
b. Calorie x erg
c. Ans Joule/ calorie
d. erg/ calorie

The derived unit of pressure is

a. kg/Ns
b. Ans kg/ms2
c. kgm2/s2
d. kg/m2s2

The dimensions of ½at2 are of

a. Velocity
b. Ans length
c. Acceleration
d. Time

The following terms have the same meaning:

a. Precision and percentage uncertainty
b. Ans Precision, least count and absolute uncertainty
c. precision, least count, dimension
d. Fractional and percentage uncertainty

The dimensions of pressure are

a. [ML2T-2]
b. [M2LT-1]
c. Ans [ML-1T-2]
d. [M2LT-2]

Candela is a unit for measuring:

a. Amount of substance
b. Ans Intensity of ight
c. Amount of current
d. Distance

The Dimension of length is

a. [L]0
b. [L]-1
c. Ans [L]
d. None of these

The dimensional of density are

a. [MLT-3]
b. Ans [ML-3]
c. [M3L]
d. [ML3]

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