PCB Design Test

PCB Design Test


When two transmission lines are placed close to each other, they are said to be coupled. This coupling can be used to built

a. band pass filters
b. band elimination filters
c. directional couplers
d. All of the above

Which of the following is a base material used in the manufacturing of flexible PCBs?

a. Epoxy resin
b. Polyester foil
c. Teflon foil
d. All of the above

For the etching process, the temperature should preferably be around

a. 30°C
b. 10°C
c. 45°C
d. 100°C

In which of the following processes is porosity test done?

a. Plating
b. Etching
c. Cleaning
d. Film master preparation

Copper plating is done in multilayer boards to _____.

a. remove etchants
b. remove excess copper
c. withstand thermal shock due to soldering
d. clean a PCB with chemicals

Multiwire boards are used in

a. the implementation of high density electronic circuits
b. the implementation of low density electronic circuits
c. the implementation of power electronic circuits
d. the implementation of power supply circuits

Ferric chloride is used in PCB designing as a/an _____.

a. resist
b. etchant
c. board cleaner
d. a soldering material

By which material is the typical resin/filler laminate of ordinary PCBs replaced in metal core boards?

a. Sheet metal covered with insulation material
b. Cardboard
c. Foil with insulation
d. None of the above

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