Operation Management Test

Operation Management Test


Which of the following is NOT characteristic of a primary industry?

a. Products tend to be sold directly to consumers.
b. It often has a significant impact on the local environment.
c. A low percentage of people in developed countries tend to be engaged in it.
d. Productivity can be dramatically increased through mechanization.

Comparing performance with high-performing competitors is known as:

a. benchmarking
b. rival measurement
c. market analysis
d. status check

Which of the following initiatives would a company expect to reduce its defect rate?

i) Increased training of staff
ii) Introducing simultaneous engineering

a. Both (i) and (ii)
b. Only (i)
c. Only (ii)
d. Neither (i) nor (ii)

Which of the following is the best characterization of a decentralized organization?

a. The staff are no longer managed.
b. The staff work unsupervised.
c. The staff enjoy significant discretion.
d. The staff are permitted only limited discretion.
e. The staff do not have any discretion.

A ‘Just-In-Time’ approach to production involves ______________.

a. closely monitoring the employees’ hours.
b. faster delivery of products to customers.
c. minimising the amount of unused stock.
d. prioritising ‘schedule’ above other variables.

Which of the following is an example of a secondary industry?

a. Mining
b. Farming
c. Fishery
d. Oil refining

For targets to be effective, they should be ‘SMART’. Which of the following is not part of the acronym ‘SMART’?

a. Specific
b. Measurable
c. Achievable
d. Rigid
e. Time-bound
f. They are all parts of the acronym

Which of the following is NOT an element in the ‘Waterfall Model’?

a. Requirements
b. Design
c. Implementation
d. Verification
e. Modification
f. Maintenance

If a company is commissioned to build a bridge, it will use computer modeling as part of the design process. Which of the following would be benefits of computer modeling in this scenario?

i) It is cheaper than building physical models.
ii) It allows parameters to be rapidly adjusted and tested.
iii) It guarantees that the finished product will perform as intended.

a. None of the above
b. i only
c. ii only
d. iii only
e. i and ii only
f. i and iii only
g. ii and iii only
h. All of the above

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