Office Skills Test

Office Skills Test


What does ‘Class A office space’ commonly refer to?

a. Office space on former sites of class A drug offenses.
b. The lowest quality office buildings in a given area.
c. The highest quality office space available in a given area.
d. The highest quality office space for the least price.

What is the appropriate response to discovering the printer is out of ink?

a. Force the printer to deliver the last drop of ink by turning it upside down, holding it carefully.
b. Walk away and tell a fellow office worker, hoping he or she will take responsibility.
c. Leave it to the next person.
d. Replace the ink if the cartridge is available otherwise follow the office procedure for replacing or ordering the cartridges.

Which of the following energy-saving practices can be used in an office without adversely affecting company productivity?

a. Use only one bathroom light during office hours
b. Turn off lights and computers at the end of the day
c. Turn off the computers between sending e-mails
d. Use lower Watt light bulbs, especially in the emergency exits
e. a and d

What does the CTRL+V shortcut accomplish in Word 2007?

a. It makes the selected text appear in bold.
b. It pastes the text that has already been copied.
c. It converts the selected text into the next larger size of the same font.
d. It applies italic formatting to the selected text.
e. All of the above

Which of the following are not recommended when trying to improve working with others in an office environment?

a. Talking when others are talking, and listening only occasionally.
b. Being as consciously helpful as possible, and offering practical solutions.
c. Changing the printer ink or cartridge when it runs out.
d. None of the above

What is the best way to handle an angry colleague or client with a complaint?

a. Listen to their concerns, and calmly but firmly explain what you are able to do, offering other solutions and options, without getting angry in turn.
b. Show a little anger as a way of evening out the situation.
c. Shout back, and then, later in the day, find a place to sulk, or time to complain to your own boss.
d. Listen to their concerns, politely explain what you are able to do, and if they insist, shout back your own concerns and complaints.

Which of the following file formats relate to a graphic file or scanned image file?

b. VBP
d. GIF
e. a and d

What is the benefit of e-mailing documents rather than always providing hard copies to individuals?

a. There is no benefit except that people can delete them more easily.
b. The documents can potentially be edited online and re-circulated.
c. The documents can be electronically forwarded, which saves stationery that may otherwise be used.
d. b and c

What is the most frequently used typeface and point size when creating Word documents?

a. Times New Roman, 12 point
b. Times, 14 point
c. Courier New, 12 point
d. Courier New, 14 point
e. All of the above

What is the difference between Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel?

a. Access is mainly for spreadsheets and Excel is for databases
b. Access is mainly for databases and Excel is for spreadsheets
c. Access is mainly for databases and Excel is for word processsing
d. Access is mainly for word processing and Excel is for spreadsheets, including digital photograph editing

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