MS Word Test

MS Word Test


Note:  All questions are posted and answers of MS Word Test will be updated soon. Please stay with us.

What kinds of graphs/charts you can insert into a Word document?

a. Complex data analysis programs
b. Pie charts, bar graphs, and scatter plots
c. Areas of white where you can draw your own
d. All of the Above

Following tab has an option to add charts to your word document using as following?

a. Insert
b. Home
c. Page layout
d. References

For illustrating the reporting relationships of your company/organization, Organization Chart is the best idea that use the Organization chart layout. An Organization chart may also contain photos that looks professionally designed. Which of the following feature in MS Word allow to create Organization chart?

a. SmartDraw
b. SmartArt
c. SmartLookup
d. Chart

Suppose you have lots of data into chart and the data keep updating, which of the following is best to deal with updateable chart data and take advantage of advanced data charting capabilities?

a. Create chart in Excel and copy it as linked in Word document
b. Chart Addin
c. Create link to External Datasource
d. Create chart elements

Jim’s teacher has assigned the students to try desktop publishing in Word 2016. Jim has a series of photos and he wants to create different colors as well as 3-D effects to reflect the emotional states of anger, happiness and sadness.

How can Jim successfully complete this project in Word?

a. It is not possible for Jim to adjust graphics in this way using Word
b. Jim will need to use the Developer tools
c. The Design tools section will allow Jim to adjust the graphics as needed
d. Jim should use the Layout tools to adjust his graphics
e. None of the answers listed are correct

How do you insert a chart or graph into a Word document?

a. By going to the insert tab and creating a table
b. By using the insert tab to insert a picture of a graph
c. By using the insert tab and “Illustrations” section
d. You can’t insert graphs or charts in Microsoft Word.

While working with graphics in Word 2016, Which following options are not available?

Note: There may be more than one right answer.

a. Remove the image background
b. Change the layer default
c. Override the snap to grid feature
d. Version compatibility across different versions of Word
e. Anchor the graphics so they do not move when new text or graphics are added

You can record a macro in Microsoft Word by clicking on the following tab?

a. Review
b. View
c. Insert
d. Page layout

Sally has just finished writing her first novel. She’s read that uploading her Word document in HTML format is the best way to increase readability across Kindle devices. What is the first step Sally must take to format the document properly into HTML?

a. Make sure the “Track Changes” function is off
b. Open her document in a web page to check formatting
c. Click “Save As” and then choose XML
d. Choose “View” and then “Web Layout” and select “Save” to save it in HTML format

MS-Word automatically applies the watermark to every page except the following?

a. Designated cover page
b. Digitally signed documents
c. Protected Part of document
d. None of the above

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