Microsoft Access 2010 Test

Microsoft Access 2010 Test


Suppose you want to use data from two tables in a query: tblCustomer and tblOrder. The two tables both have a field, CustomerID, that identifies a customer. Each record in the tblCustomer table may have one or more corresponding records in the tblOrder table, and the corresponding values can be determined by values in the CustomerID field. You now want to join the tables so that the query combines the records from the tables, excluding records from either table if there is no corresponding record in the other table. Which of the following FROM clauses will you use?

a. FROM [tblCustomer] LEFT JOIN [tblOrder] ON [tblCustomer].[CustomerID]=[tblOrder].[CustomerID]
b. FROM [tblCustomer] RIGHT JOIN [tblOrder] ON [tblCustomer].[CustomerID]=[tblOrder].[CustomerID]
c. FROM [tblCustomer] INNER JOIN [tblOrder] ON [tblCustomer].[CustomerID]=[tblOrder].[CustomerID]
d. FROM [tblCustomer], [tblOrder]

Which of the following is true about a.accde file in Microsoft Access 2010?

a. It contains compiled VBA code to prevent users from viewing the code.
b. It can be saved as a.accdb file in order to make design changes.
c. It allows users to import forms and reports from other databases.
d. It allows users to view, but not modify VBA code.

If you want to encrypt a database by using a password, then the database must be opened in ________ mode.

a. Open Exclusive
b. Open Exclusive Read-Only
c. Open Read-Only
d. Open Password-Enabled

Using which of the following Microsoft Access 2010 database file formats, can we use the Package and Sign tool?

a. .accdb
b. .accdc
c. .accde
d. .mdb

Using the Package and Sign tool, how many databases can you add to a package that you want to distribute to other users in Microsoft Access?

a. Unlimited
b. 5
c. 1
d. 10

Microsoft Access uses indexes in a table to find data. Which of the following field types cannot be indexed?

a. OLE Object
b. Attachment
c. Memo
d. Calculated

When you run the Compatibility Checker in Microsoft Access 2010, in which of the following scenarios can you get the error- Access was unable to convert the query for use on the Web because it relies on an ORDER BY clause that is not supported on the Web?

a. Name of an order by element is not valid.
b. Name of source table is not valid.
c. Sort order is set to an option other than ascending or descending.
d. The expression is not valid.
e. All of the above

Which of the following is the correct way to enter the beginning or ending characters of the fields named (UnitPrice and CompanyName) in the AutoIndex onImport/Create field to create an Auto Index?

b. unit;name
c. unit,name
d. ‘unit’,’name’

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