Marketing Methods and Techniques Test

Marketing Methods and Techniques Test


How is marketing defined in general?

a. Maintaining accounting records
b. Creating advertisements for television
c. Promotion of products and services, advertising, and branding
d. Development of products according to customer needs

How does Product Focus Marketing differ from Customer Focus Marketing?

a. PFM will always cost more to perform
b. PFM does not usually result in as many sales
c. PFM relies on changing pricing to gauge demand
d. PFM looks to create a market whereas CFM responds to the existing market

How did the term Marketing come into existence?

a. It evolved from the term Marketio used in Italy
b. It is a haphazard term created in the 1800s
c. It evolved from the original meaning, going to the market to sell products
d. None of the above

What is meant by “branding”?

a. Creating a certain image for a product
b. Physically marking each product with the company logo
c. Determining the customers’ needs
d. Setting the price for a product

What would be the most important skill required of the people who interact with the customers?

a. Being well trained and motivated
b. Having a general idea of the product and how it works
c. Having interest in the product
d. Being energetic and enthusiastic

Why is it wrong to imitate the product of a company that has successfully launched a new product and created a market for it?

a. Only the company that enters the market first will reap profits
b. Imitating their product will saturate the market and the imitator will not have enough market share to thrive on
c. Imitators have to pay higher taxes
d. The marketing budget is wasted

How does the SIVA model differ from the four Ps model?

a. It focuses on pricing
b. It gains more loyal customers
c. It focuses on the company and budget cuts
d. It focuses heavily on the customers and how they view the transaction

What are the objectives of a successful advertising campaign?

a. To introduce new age products to the market
b. To spend more than the competitors on marketing
c. To eliminate marketing head count
d. To maintain demand for the current products and introduce new products to the market

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