Management Skills Test

Management Skills Test


What is the main advantage of employing staff on a temporary basis?

a. Greater flexibility in responding to customer requirements
b. Improved productivity
c. Enhanced customer satisfaction
d. Lower staff turnover

A tool for evaluating organizational performance across the full range of a business is known as a ‘balanced ____________’.

a. scorecard.
b. ledger.
c. matrix.
d. healthcheck.

Which of the following can be used as a term for Supervisor?

a. Area manager
b. Specialty manager
c. Front-line manager
d. Technical manager

Which of the following statements is false?

a. Decision-making should be based on evidence.
b. Decision-making should take into account a range of factors.
c. Decision-making should involve key stakeholders.
d. Decision-making should be rapid.

Which ratio shows an organization’s effectiveness in minimizing production costs?

a. Gross profit ratio
b. Current ratio
c. Efficiency ratio
d. Selling ratio

Which of the following is generally an inappropriate reason for delegation?

a. It relieves the manager of his/her heavy workload.
b. It frees the manager to address more complex, higher-level needs.
c. Someone else is better qualified to do the task that needs to be done.
d. It helps create a formal organizational structure.

Which one of the following is not the function of Personnel Management?

a. Procurement of the right kind and number of persons.
b. Training and development of employees.
c. Integration of the interests of the personnel with that of the enterprise.
d. Management of customer requirements

Which of the following is not a financial statement?

a. Statement of Financial Loss
b. Income Statement
c. Balance Sheet
d. Statement of Retained Earnings
e. Statement of Cash Flow

Which of the following is a current liability of a business?

a. Cash
b. Debtors
c. Bank overdraft
d. Work in progress

A tool to plot the duration of activities in a project and its dependencies is named after:

a. Robert George
b. Toby Williams
c. Henry Gantt
d. Samuel Edwards

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