Lean Management Certification

Lean Management Certification


Which of the following is necessary for the success of Lean implementation?

a. There needs to be a total cultural change in the organization
b. The command-and-control approach needs to be imbibed
c. The people have to be downsized
d. Ans The value stream has to be mapped
e. The senior mangement need not be active participants in the Lean implementation program

Who is known as the “father of scientific management”?

a. Henry Ford
b. Shigeo Shingo
c. Frank Gilbreth
d. Frederick Winslow Taylor

Which of the following cannot be considered a waste?

a. Waiting time
b. Overproduction
c. Skilled plant workers
d. Long process setup

Which of the following is not a Lean Tool?

a. Standardization
b. 5s-Cando
c. Kanban
d. Design of Experiments

What does Kanban mean?

a. A card-signal
b. A go ahead signal
c. A warning-signal
d. None of the above

What is the formula to calculate cycle time?

a. [Inventory (units)] / [Demand (units/time)]
b. Available work time / Customer required volume
c. Customer required volume / Available work time
d. None of the above

What is the similarity between Lean and Six Sigma?

a. Both view waste as anything that does not produce value
b. Both focus on process flow
c. Both deliver higher quality of service with greater speed
d. None of the above

For any company to reach a ‘level 6’ sigma, there should only be ____________ defects per million opportunities.

a. 1
b. 2.2
c. zero
d. 3.4

The data that does not need to be communicated in a Visual Factory environment are:

a. process metrics
b. the name of the employees
c. work instructions
d. general plant information

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