Knowledge of Google Webmaster Central Test

Knowledge of Google Webmaster Central Test


Webmaster Tools does not show:

a. who is linking to your website and how.
b. which pages on your website get the most links.
c. which keyword searches drive the most traffic to your website.
d.  which webpages of your site are generating the least revenue.

Which of the following stats about Googlebot crawl activity are not shown in Google webmaster tools?

a. Pages crawled per day
b. Kilobytes downloaded per day
c. Time spent downloading a page
d. Custom reports

The crawl errors shown in Google webmaster tools do not include:

a. not followed
b. not found
c. restricted by robots.txt
d. images without alt text

Registering the misspellings of a well known website as a domain for your website ____________.

a. is acceptable
b. is considered a misleading practice

Files in the URLs that are protected by authentication:

a. can not be retrieved by Google.
b. can be retrieved by Google but can not be cached by it.
c. can be indexed by Google.

Increasing the Googlebot crawl rate for your website ____________.

a. will increase the number of Googlebot requests per second.
b. has no effect on how often Googlebot crawls your site.
c. will reduce the number of Googlebot requests per second.
d. is not possible.

Which of the following should be used to permanently remove the cached version of your page from Google search results?

a. no follow tag.
b. meta noarchive tag.
c. meta archive tag.

If you want your users to visit instead of, you should ____________.

a. use the URL removal tool.
b. use Webmaster Tools to set your preferred domain.
c. display a message on about the new address.

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