Knowledge of Google Analytics Test

Knowledge of Google Analytics Test


A funnel can be defined:

a. without setting up a goal.
b. only after creating a custom segment.
c. only 24 hours after the installation of the tracking code.
d. after setting up a goal.

Auto tagging and link tagging:

a. require extra expenditure.
b. append additional query string parameters on to the end of URLs pointing to your site.
c. eliminate the need for appending additional query strings to the end of URLs.
d. always cause visitors to be transferred to an error page.

To see the Google AdWords cost data within Google Analytics, you must:

a. contact Google Analytics support.
b. check the “Apply Cost Data Checkbox” located under the Analytics tab while in Google AdWords.
c. check the “Apply Cost Data Checkbox” located under the Analytics tab while in Google Analytics.
d. apply for a premium Google Analytics Account.

The Query String Variable utm_content is used to:

a. identify the medium the user is using to get to your site.
b. identify the vendor used.
c. identify the keyword being used in the ad.
d. differentiate between similar ads.

Which three of the following variables are required for proper tracking by Analytics when you use campaign tracking?

a. utm_campaign
b. utm_medium
c. utm_source
d. utm_term
e. utm_content

Motion charts allow you to visualize the data in a maximum of _____________ dimensions.

a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5

Google analytics does not allow you to:

a. identify where your visitors come from.
b. identify most lucrative geographic markets.
c. identify errors for URLs in Sitemap.
d. submit a sitemap.
e. see errors and problems encountered by Google’s crawlers while accessing pages on your site.

How can a goal in Google Analytics be made inactive?

a. by deleting the goal
b. by turning it off

To apply filters to your data so as to keep your “raw” data intact, you can create a:

a. new Analytics account.
b. duplicate profile in your account.
c. duplicate report in your account.

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