Help Desk Certification

Help Desk Certification


Which of the following are crucial when helping a helpdesk customer?

a. What you are wearing to work that day.
b. Whether or not the customer makes additional purchases with the company.
c. Whether or not you are addressing the customer’s concerns.
d. Whether or not you are using the customer’s full name (unless you have been permitted by him to use his first name).
e. c and d

Which of the following are priorities when analyzing the efficiency of your helpdesk operations?

a. The complexity and age of your IT systems, whether automated or operated by the staff.
b. Ensuring the office works on a strict 9 to 5 basis.
c. Ongoing comprehensive training to all levels of management and staff.
d. a and c
e. a and b

Which of the following best represents a lower level helpdesk operator?

a. DSL faults, problems escalated from lower levels.
b. Difficult technical problems, and annoyed/aggressive customers.
c. Offering help with things like the dialer, email, DSL setup.
d. Help with advising new staff, especially as you become more experienced.
e. Possibly all of the above; it depends on the circumstances of the specific helpdesk.

Which Software should be used to make a business presentation with slides?

a. Microsoft Word
b. Microsoft Excel
c. Adobe PhotoShop
d. Microsoft PowerPoint
e. None of the above

State whether the following statement is true or false:

The average length of a call is the time required to process a customer call, from the initial receipt to the final closure and does not include the off-phone time.

a. True
b. False

How can a Microsoft Word user read files created in the later versions of the same software — something that occurs countless times between various versions of Word?

a. Open as a text file.
b. Open the document in RTF.
c. Download the ‘recover text from any file’ option.
d. Open the free Microsoft Word viewer.
e. None of the above

What does ‘mark-up’ mean in sales terminology?

a. A study of the product’s strengths and weaknesses.
b. The margin that a selling company adds to the cost of a product while selling.
c. A reduction in profits due to an increase in the cost of production.
d. A hike in the price of the product to achieve better profits.

You attend the phone and the caller tells you that he wants to speak to one of your colleagues. How will you handle the call if your colleague is available at that moment?

a. You’ll ask “Who’s calling please?” and then pass the phone on to your colleague after finding out the caller’s name
b. You’ll ask ”Who’s calling please?” and, after finding out the caller’s name, you’ll ask your colleague whether he would like to talk to the caller
c. You’ll pass the phone on to your colleague without saying anything to the caller
d. You’ll say ”Just a second” and pass the phone on to your colleague

Which of the following e-mail etiquette styles do you consider important?

a. Do not add a CC to a special offer e-mail as it can be viewed by all the recipients.
b. Keep the e-mail very brief and to the point.
c. Add a proper title to the e-mail.
d. Clean up forwards that are automatically pasted at the end of E-mail replies
e. c and d

Your office requires you to compile a costing report comprising rows and columns of data along with totals and averages of the columns. Which Software would you ideally use?

a. Microsoft Access
b. Adobe PhotoShop
c. Microsoft Excel
d. Microsoft Word
e. Microsoft PowerPoint

Which of the following does the call cycle time include?

a. Closing the call, and call logging.
b. Break times, lunch and when the office is closed.
c. Diagnosing the problem, and providing a solution to the problem.
d. a and c
e. a and b

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