Grant Writing Test

Grant Writing Test


The term “achievement gap” as used in a grant proposal refers to ___________________.

a. the gap between the proposed milestones and the achieved milestones
b. the difference between how well low-income and minority children perform on standardized tests as compared with their peers
c. the grant seeker’s superior achievement record over those of other charitable institutions

Which of the following expressions might indicate that the grant seeker does not have conviction about the project?

a. Possible results might be …
b. We will …
c. We would like to include …
d. Programs will include …
e. a and c

Which of the following types of documentation should be included on the Research Information Sheet?

a. Organization information
b. Proposed project package
c. Initial approach
d. All of the above

If the stated page limit for a grant proposal is 25 pages, how many pages long should the proposal be?

a. 25 pages or fewer
b. Exactly 25 pages
c. The limit can be exceeded by 5 pages.

Which of the following statements is/are TRUE?

a. An applicant with little existing funding may be given priority based on the project proposal.
b. An applicant with a good track record may be given priority based on the project proposal.
c. An applicant with good existing funds may be given priority based on the project proposal.
d. a and b

Grant proposals follow which of the following themes?

a. Grantor – grant seeker
b. Problem – solution
c. Individual – society

Which of the following is the most appropriate font for printing a grant proposal?

a. Times or Arial, size 10–12
b. Verdana, size 10
c. Calibri, size 12
d. Any font can be used.

Which of the following statements about concept papers is NOT true?

a. A concept paper is a synopsis of the grant proposal.
b. A concept paper is a brief description of the needs to be addressed, who is to carry out the project, what is to be accomplished and by what means, how long it will take, how the accomplishments will be measured, plans for the future, how much it will cost, and the ways the proposal relates to the mission of the funding source.
c. A concept paper is the abstract included in the grant proposal.
d. Developing a concept paper is excellent preparation for writing the final grant proposal.

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