Electronic Design Test

Electronic Design Test


The transistor equivalent of the thyratron tube is _____.

a. SCR
b. UJT
c. Diac
d. Triac

The loop gain of the oscillator to start with is _____.

a. slightly more than one
b. more than 100
c. less than one
d. None of the above

The transformer is used for impedance matching . It is expected to match 1296Ω resistance on the primary side to a 16Ω resistance on the secondary side. Calculate the required turn ratio of a transformer, what is the type of transformer?

a. Step-up
b. Step-down
c. Cannot be determined

The Hall Effect voltage in intrinsic silicon _____.

a. is positive
b. is zero
c. is negative
d. changes the sign on the application of the magnetic field

A bridge rectifier circuit has secondary voltage of 12Vr.m.s. Assume secondary resistance and diode forward resistance to be negligible. The load resistance is 100Ω. What would be the peak load current?

a. 0.169 Amp
b. 0.108 Amp
c. 0.118 Amp
d. 11.8 Amp

An operational amplifier can amplify ____________.

a. D.C signals only
b. A.C signals only
c. square waves
d. None of the above

The alpha of a transistor is _____.

a. 1
b. .99
c. 20
d. .01

How much power is dissipated in the individual transistor of a Class-B push-pull amplifier if Vcc=20V and R1=4Ω (primary resistance)

a. 9W
b. 12W
c. 10.13W
d. 20.26W

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