Digital Signal Processing Test

Digital Signal Processing Test


The fundamental period of signal 10sin(12πt) + 4sin(18πt) is______.

a. 2/3 Sec
b. 1/2 Sec
c. 1/3 Sec
d. 1/4 Sec

The sampling theorem holds true for the following condition________. (Note: Here ‘fs’ is the sampling frequency, and ‘w’ is the maximum frequency of the continuous time signal x (t)).

a. fs < 2 ω
b. fs > 2 ω
c. fs < ω / 2
d. fs > ω / 2

In order to avoid aliasing during the reduction of the sampling rate, we divide the sampling frequency by ___________.

a. D
b. 2D
c. 4D
d. 8D

The multiplication of two DFTs is equivalent to the circular convolution of their sequences in the _____________.

a. frequency domain
b. time domain
c. Both frequency and time domains
d. Neither frequency nor time domain

Which one of the following is not a register associated with the Program Sequencer?

a. Arithmetic Status Register (ASTAT)
b. Stack Status Register (SSTAT)
c. Mode Status Register (MSTAT)
d. System Register

Thermal noise can be considered to be ___________.

a. white non-Gaussian noise
b. white Gaussian noise
c. flicker noise
d. transit time noise

A stationary random process is a_________.

a. finite energy signal
b. zero energy signal
c. infinite energy signal

A discrete time signal can be best analyzed by____________.

a. a fourier transform
b. a laplace transform
c. a Z- Transform
d. none of the above

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