Digital Electronics Test

Digital Electronics Test


When a large number of analog-signals are to be converted to the digital form, the most suitable ADC is _________ converter.

a. a forward-counter type
b. an up/down counter
c. a simultaneous type ADC
d. a successive approximation type

In sequential circuits, memory elements are _____.

a. astable
b. monostable
c. bistable
d. tristate flip-flops

A 4-bit synchronous counter uses flip-flops with the propagation delay time of 25nsec each. The maximum possible time required for the change of state will be _____.

a. 100 nsec
b. 25 nsec
c. 50 nsec
d. 75 nsec

One of the two states of a circuit is stable and the others are quasi-stable. The circuit is a _____ circuit.

a. flip-flop
b. one-shot
c. bi-stable multivibrator(MVR)
d. free-running MVR

Hexadecimal equivalent of (268)10 is_______ .

a. (10 C)16
b. (9 C)16
c. (8 B)16
d. (7 E)16

The race-around condition occurs in J-K F/F when____________ .

a. both the inputs are 0
b. both the inputs are 1
c. the inputs are complementary
d. any of the above input combinations is present

The counting sequence of a uniform counter is 000,001,011,111,110,100.The counter is a _____.

a. ripple binary counter
b. combination counter
c. ring counter
d. Johnson counter

Decimal counters using flip flops and feedback are more popular than a decimal counter of ring counter type because of _____.

a. simple decade circuitry required
b. economy in the number of flip flops
c. high speed of operation
d. its availability in IC form

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