Customer Service Test

Customer Service Test


Why do customers feel the need of some control in working to resolve an issue with a company?

a. They feel they are getting more for their money.
b. Customers feel that this way, they can get whatever they want, at least temporarily.
c. It ensures the customer will buy again.
d. It puts them in a positive mood and allows them to help guide the resolution

What would be a good opening line in replying to an irate customer’s email?

a. Please call customer service.
b. We are glad you are enjoying our product/service.
c. Thank you for your email, we are sorry to hear about the problem you have.
d. We will get back to you within 7 days.

How can a company create an atmosphere of continuous improvement and have employees who strive to perform?

a. By reducing headcount by 10% each year
b. By making it mandatory for the employees to attend company meetings
c. By offering incentives, both financial and non financial, for good performance
d. By telling the employees that mystery callers will evaluate them

What would a monotone and flat voice indicate to a customer?

a. The person is energetic and wants to help.
b. The person is bored and uninterested in the conversation.
c. The person is angry.
d. The person doesn’t believe what they are hearing.

What is the first step in dealing with a customer when he/she is irate?

a. Tell him/her to be quiet and listen.
b. Tell him/her to call back when he/she has calmed down.
c. Ask the customer what can be done to solve the problem.
d. Let the customer give vent to his/her feelings and do not try to interrupt him/her.

What is meant by a “care token”?

a. To handle customers who are not happy with the company “with care”
b. A gesture made by the company to retain a customer after his/her having experienced bad customer service
c. A gesture made by the company as a last resort to get the customer to leave
d. A bonus to exceptionally good customer service agents

What would perfect customer relationship management entail?

a. Saving the company money
b. Immediate customer gratification and personalized interactions with each customer
c. Reducing the call times of customer complaints
d. Increased visibility into the financial situation of the company

Which of the following would a customer not expect from a customer service agent?

a. Discretion
b. Rudeness
c. Effectiveness
d. Authenticity

Where should firms start while working on a strategy for customer service?

a. Survey the customers to get their feedback and to find out their needs and expectations of the firm.
b. Copy what the competition is doing.
c. Ask the employees what strategies they want to be implemented.
d. Look for the standard customer service strategy employed in the country of operation.

What should the customer service representative do when a customer is yelling?

a. Yell back at them
b. Not respond and hang up
c. Sound anxious
d. Keep a calm, lower tone to calm the customer down

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