Computer Aptitude Test

Computer Aptitude Test


Ship is related to fish as a ____ is related to bird.

a. feather
b. tree
c. branches
d. kite

The day that will come two days after tomorrow will be Saturday. What was the day that came two days before yesterday?

a. Friday
b. Sunday
c. Saturday
d. Monday

What is the missing number in the following series?

5, 10, 19, __, 33, 38, 47

a. 36
b. 25
c. 38
d. 24

C is larger than B. D is smaller than A, which is larger than C. E is larger than D but smaller than B. The largest among them is:

a. A
b. B
c. C
d. D
e. Cannot be determined

A few days back, when Pete was down with fever, he was taken to his uncle’s clinic, which is six kilometers to the right of Pete’s house. As his uncle was not present in the clinic, Pete was taken to a hospital 12 kilometers to the left of the clinic. The doctor at the hospital checked him and prescribed a medicine, which was available at a chemist’s shop one kilometer to the left of the hospital. The minimum distance that Pete had to cover to come back to his home from the chemist’s shop was:

a. 7 Kilometers
b. 9 Kilometers
c. 11 Kilometers
d. 13 Kilometers

What will be the next term in the following series?


a. STK
b. UJO
c. RST
d. PQT

If 123 means “Very hot day”, 356 means “hot filtered coffee” and 289 means “day and night”, the numeral that stands for “very” is:

a. 5
b. 2
c. 1
d. 9

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