Call Center Skills Test

Call Center Skills Test


I am 4 times the age of my younger brother who is only three years old. After 10 years what will my age be?

a. 52
b. 42
c. 32
d. 22
e. Cannot be determined

What does ‘HTH’ mean in an email or on a message board?

a. Happy today happy
b. Hope this helps
c. Help the human
d. Happy to help
e. b and d

While commencing a sales campaign, you have been asked to talk only about the USP of the product you are promoting through tele-calling. What will you tell the prospective clients?

a. How the competition is gearing up to counter the huge popularity of the product.
b. The most valuable unique advantage of the product.
c. All the best features of the product.
d. The shooting sales of the product.

Fill in the blank with the correct option.

A cup full of stagnant water may ___________ millions of micro-organisms.

a. contains
b. be contain
c. contain
d. have been containing

What is the extension of a file developed in Notepad?

a. .EXE
b. .DOC
c. .TXT
d. .HTML
e. .TEXT

Which of the following are significant skills to look for when hiring helpdesk staff?

a. Whether they can make tea or coffee for the other staff.
b. How well traveled they are in the world.
c. How polite and helpful they can be on the telephone.
d. Previous helpdesk experience, with references, in the same industry.
e. c and d

What does the term ‘upselling’ mean in an outbound scenario?

a. Trying to sell add-on products post the sale of a primary product
b. Increasing the sale of a primary product
c. An upward trend in sales
d. There is no such term

Complete the following sentence by choosing the correct spelling of the missing word.

The church members accused the cult of ____________ practices.

a. sacreligious
b. sacrelegious
c. sacrilegious
d. sacrilgious

What is the missing number in the following series?

12, 144, 16, ?, 18, 324

a. 256
b. 216
c. 238
d. 234

Which of the following is the best advice when writing a business e-mail?

a. To use varied italics, colors and special fonts because people like to see them.
b. To keep the information relatively short, precise and always polite, with simple questions relating to what you expect to happen.
c. To make detailed demands in long paragraphs, with the implication of wrongdoing on the part of the receiver.
d. To panic, but then recover, and decide to send the message by regular mail, as this is definitely more secure.

Which of the following skill sets are essential in telesales to improve conversation rates?

a. Questioning/Probing
b. Listening
c. Use of silence
d. All of the above

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