Advertising Skills Certification

Advertising Skills Certification


Which of the following options refers to last minute advertising?

a. Remnant advertising
b. Covert advertising
c. Public service advertising
d. Surrogate advertising

In 1950s, they were known as ‘slogans’. What are they now known as?

a. Catchphrase
b. Marketing line
c. Trademark line
d. Tagline

A showcase of the copywriter’s work or collection of sample advertisements is known as.

a. brochure
b. commercial
c. portfolio
d. write-up

An Ad in the Island position of a newspaper is on the editorial page.

a. True
b. False

In which kind of advertising is consumer generated content incorporated?

a. Involvement marketing
b. Affinity marketing
c. Communal marketing
d. Personal story marketing

If people refer to any cola as “Coke”, though it may not be a product of Coca-Cola, then it can be said that Coke has captured the__________.

a. Brand recall share
b. Brand share
c. Mind share
d. Mind market

The tag line of Domino’s Pizza says, “You get fresh, hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less — or it’s free.”

This Tag line is conveying The _________ of Domino’s Pizza.

a. Unique selling proposition
b. Unique perceived benefit
c. Point of difference

Which of the following is true about infomercials?

a. They help to create brand awareness only
b. They are targeted to trigger an impulse purchase
c. They rely heavily on testimonials
d. They help to supplement sales of leading brands

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