Action Script 3.0 Test

Action Script 3.0 Test


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While accessing the clipboard through the SystemManager AS3 Flex class, we can:

a. read data from the clipboard.
b. write data to the clipboard.
c. read data from and write data to the clipboard.
d. Neither read data from nor write data to the clipboard.

This question is based upon the figure shown below

Based on the above mentioned declaration of myXML, how can we access the id attribute of the ’employee’ tag?

a. myXML.managers.employee[1].@id
b. myXML.employeeList.managers.employee[1].@id
c. myXML.managers.employee[1].id
d. myXML.employeeList.managers.employee[1].id

Given the following code snippet, what will be the output when helloWorld( ) is run?

public function helloWorld() : void {
      trace(“Code Start” );
           throw new Error (“Test_Error”);
      } catch(err : Error) {
      trace(“Code End”);

a. Code Start try catch finally Code End
b. Code Start catch finally
c. Code Start
d. Code Start

Which of the following methods of the String class does not accept a regular expression as its parameter?

a. search()
b. substring()
c. replace()
d. match()

The compiled output of an Action script file is:

a. ‘.class’ file
b. ‘.swf’ file
c. ‘.as’ file
d. ‘.mxml’ file

Which of the following properties of the Date class does not accepts 0 as a value?

a. hours
b. date
c. day
d. month

The addEventListener() method of the EventDispatcher class is used to:

a. create a new Event
b. delete an event
c. add/register a new listener for an event
d. deregister an event listener

Given a number, num = 23, which of the following methods will be used to convert it to a String:

a. num.toString();
b. num.toSentence();
c. num.toWord();
d. num.toNumber();

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